IBM i (AS400 / iSeries)

Data Collection & Management (Polling)

XPOLL is a complete data management solution, providing your existing IBM i system with a main point of control for the scheduling of applications and transferring of data between central and remote systems. It provides timely and accurate data transfers to and from remote locations and your IBM i.

It has been set up so that it can be used at a variety of levels, from basic data retrieval to a more comprehensive solution running a range of processes concurrently, thereby tailoring it to suit your business operation.

Benefits to your Business

  • Proven solution
  • Reduced errors & early problem notification
  • Data collected & processed concurrently
  • XPOLL - Data Collection & Management
  • Full audit trails with performance analysis
  • Centralised control
  • Reliable, scaleable & secure
  • Overnight scheduling


  • Self-monitoring with auto-restart functions
  • Failure thresholds with console & email alerts
  • Unlimited concurrent processes
  • Priority sequencing & Application dependancies
  • Store & Application rollout
  • FTP module allowing rapid development of FTP scripts (including sFTP & FTPs)
  • Optional graphical user interface (GUI)

Read more about XPOLL in operation on our Case Studies page

IBM Approve XPOLL for Business Partner Application Showcase

IBM Business Partner Application Showcase