Application & Software Development


We specialise in iSeries (AS/400) Application & Software Development, and are also skilled in the development of applications presented in a Browser.

We have a highly skilled Development Team that can undertake bespoke development projects to meet your specific needs freeing up in-house resources, or assist in the selection of an appropriate package.

Our primary programming languages are RPG, CL and ILE complemented by our understanding of the Apache HTTP Server.

iSeries & Browser-based Software Development


Today's technology is changing fast, and systems need to talk to each other.

With the iSeries being an Integrated Server, we have developed applications using the RPG programming lanuage along with CSS, HTML & JavaScript and enabled these to be run from Hand Held Scanners & iPods.

Example of works carried out, include: -

  • Bespoke software design & development
  • Support & enhancement of current systems
  • Modernisation of iSeries legacy systems
  • Systems Interfacing & Integration
  • Real-time application on Hand Held Scanners & iPods (e.g. Picking, Goods Receipt, Stock Counting)
  • Import or Export of information in CSV or XML format
  • Spooled file conversion to PDF format
  • Email directly from iSeries System