Movie Nights

XKS Provides Support Services to the Co-Operative Group

XKS provides a Managed Service Contract to The Co-Operative Group to support & host its “Movie Nights” software application, which is used to run its Retailers’ Video and DVD rental business.

The Movie Nights application runs on an iSeries Server, which is hosted by XKS.

XKS manages the transfer of data to and from the stores using their own Polling and Data Management Product XPOLL. The data is then collated on the central iSeries Server.

The Service is managed and run from a dedicated Help Desk at XKS' office.

Movie Nights was established in 1996 and is part of the Co-Operative Group. It is one of the largest and fastest growing Video/DVD racking companies in the UK. Movie Nights currently operates in, and supplies, over 500 Retail stores across the UK.

The Movie Nights package is a complete solution and includes the rental software, display units, marketing support, and a dedicated account manager for its customers.

Visit the Movie Nights website at

XKS has a successful history of providing iSeries and AS/400 Support Services to Retailers, thus ensuring that the Co-Operative Group receives an efficient and professional service.